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Eläinsuojeluyhdistysten Kummit ry (Friends of Animal Welfare Associations) is an association that was founded in 2009 with the purpose of promoting animal welfare and the correct treatment and care for animals. We are a member association of the Finnish Federation for the Animal Welfare Associations, SEY, and we follow SEY principles.

SEY’s principles are respect for the individual animal, the promotion of good treatment and welfare of animals as well as protecting all animals from pain, suffering, fear and harm in the best possible way.

Our operations differ from the traditional animal welfare associations, as one of our functions is to support other animal welfare associations. This support of animal welfare associations and other registered animal protection associations is realised by offering them workforce, financial support and product donations. We also organise product and fund raising events for our partner associations.

The goal of our association is to promote the welfare of animals and to prevent problems related to owning animals. Among other events, we organise cat sterilization and microchipping events as well as lectures, presentations and campaigns through which we distribute information on animal protection and the decent treatment of animals. Additionally, we distribute animal care related information at different events, in social media, in magazines, on billboards, and through other channels. We also produce brochures and other publications on animal care.

Our association is funded by member fees and revenue generated from product sales.

Support animal welfare work – become a member!

By becoming a member of Friends of Animal Welfare Associations, you also become a member of SEY. SEY is a federation with 40 member associations throughout the country. Friends of Animal Welfare Associations operates in Southern Finland.

Members receive SEY’s Friends of Animals magazine four times a year additional to the Friends of Animal Welfare Associations’ member bulletin which is sent 2-4 times a year by email. We also publish our association’s annual report once a year.

You can apply for membership at our website: under Jäsenet. You can find more information about membership at the site as well as a link to the membership form. You can also contact us by email: esyjenkummit(at) or sey(at)

Join in the fun!

Do you want to do voluntary work for the benefit of animals amongst a good crew? Become a member and join our active and enthusiastic group.

Any one of our association’s members can become an active member. We inform active members by email about events and projects that need a little extra help. You can participate in our work on any day which suits you and in any way that suits your lifestyle.

Our association offers its active members diverse opportunities in voluntary work. For instance, you can participate in events, such as sterilization and microchipping events or product and fund raising events. You can manage the information and sales point at markets and events or you can help transport materials and donations. We also need help in producing sales products such as handicrafts and baked goods. Or you can photograph animals and events and participate in the making of different publications and brochures. Our partner associations often need help with different organisational and cleaning tasks, arranging events, and caring for animals. You can also participate in SEY’s training courses, and arrange courses and training days for children and youngsters.

Even if you don’t have time for active participation, your membership is still important to us!

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